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    Adelaide Piano Technicians

    Adelaide Piano Technicians is a well established, reputable company in Adelaide assuring premium care of your piano. Tuning pianos is only the beginning of what piano technicians do. Our technicians are licensed, experienced, and properly qualified experts, who have been thoroughly trained in all aspects of upright/grand piano tuning and moving, instrument regulation & voicing, repairing and complete replacement of all mechanisms, structural repair & rebuilding, and humidity control installation.

    Adelaide Piano Removals

    Adelaide Piano removals

    Specialist Piano Removals in Adelaide

    There is no denying the fragility and size of pianos. Moving anything of this nature is difficult because of these two factors. We often have to transport sentimental and financially valuable items as well as moving them across the country, so it’s no surprise that they’re among the most challenging items for us. With Adelaide Piano Technicians, you can depend on our expertise and our considerable experience moving pianos in Adelaide, throughout Australia, and any other part of Oceania. We can move pianos no matter how big or how valuable they are to any local or interstate destination.

    Piano Removals and Transportation in Adelaide Done Right

    Piano removals and transport is a complex task, and with no professional expertise, the instrument is vulnerable to damage.

    Our specialised crews at Adelaide Piano Technicians have more than 37 years of experience transporting pianos, so you can count on them to make sure your instrument arrives safely. If you have a piano with us, you can feel comfortable knowing that we have technical expertise, in-depth knowledge, and great attention to detail.

    Adelaide Piano removals

    Professional piano movers undergo rigorous training to prepare your piano for the removal, pack the sensitive parts, move it, unpack it, and then set it up in its new place. We have stair crews of up to six men that can tackle the hardest piano removals in and around Adelaide, regardless of where they are. Our piano moving company in Adelaide is the best in the business. As part of our piano relocation services throughout Adelaide, SA, and Australia, we provide custom piano covers and specialist equipment to keep grand pianos safe at all times. Throughout your piano removal throughout Adelaide, SA, and Australia, all grand pianos are protected with custom piano covers, piano shoes, and flight cases for the legs and pedals.

    Expert Piano Removals in Adelaide

    A piano moving company based in Adelaide with years of experience, Adelaide Piano Technicians are specialized in moving pianos. With us handling the best pianos in the world, you can rest assured that you are in good hands. The piano movers at Adelaide Piano Technicians work daily: whether it’s moving pianos upstairs in the centre, delivering one by crane in Adelaide Hills or hoisting one into a basement in East Adelaide, our services are unmatched. We have stair crews of up to six men that can tackle the hardest piano moves, regardless of where they are. Moving pianos in Adelaide is what we do best.


    Since 1984, we have been moving pianos. During relocation, specialised equipment and comprehensive insurance are utilised.

    Only Pianos

    Providing piano removal, tuning and servicing is the specialty of Adelaide Piano Technicians. Moving upright pianos, baby grand pianos, grand pianos, and organs is all we do.

    Free Assessment

    You can use our onsite assessment to determine if your piano can fit into a particular space. A fixed quote will then be provided for the piano move or service. We provide an all-inclusive quote.


    Piano removals and services are subject to rigorous terms and conditions which you can find on our site.

    How We Safely Remove Pianos

    1. Assessment

    Our process for moving pianos every time begins with the check that it will be easy to collect and deliver the piano. In order to ensure the smoothest move for our clients, we plan thoroughly before a move. As part of our moving service, we ensure that not only the piano itself is not damaged, but that flooring, walls, fittings, and of our moving team are also as safe as possible when moving.

    An experienced member of our moving team and a customer jointly inspect the instrument before it is removed. In a piano condition report, together with the owner, existing damage is noted and noted. Additionally, the damage is photographed so the customer is at ease.

    2. Packing

    All the models are handled carefully, with all items removed or tied down as appropriate. In addition to removing and packaging vulnerable piano parts, such as the music stand and pedal action, the keyboard lids are also removed or secured.

    To transport the piano safely, we use a “shoe” to allow for easier carrying. This shoe is placed under the piano to shield and make moving it easier and safer. We cover the floors with protective floor coverings if there is any concern that the wheels could damage them.

    It is up to the customer to determine the packaging method to use for a piano, based on the piano’s nature, his requirements, and its intended destination. We use a variety of fabrics, material thickness, and wrapping methods, such as soft thick wool transit blankets wrapped and tied to secure, or soft cloth inner wrapped bubble wrap topped with a strong cardboard overcoating to provide any additional protection required.

    Transporting a piano in the Adelaide Piano Specialist’s vehicle requires securing the piano with furniture web that is high breaking strain.

    3. Casing

    A bespoke wooden case is often built for pianos of high value, so they are better protected during relocation. Upon arrival at Adelaide Piano Technician, the cases are lined inside with foam to cushion the piano, then placed in a storage unit until the next time the instrument moves. Crating is available for all grand pianos, regardless of whether they are shipping locally interstate.

    4. Removal

    If urgent shipping is necessary, our experts will arrange all interstate documentation, make the booking, and coordinate the shipment by airfreight or container based on your requirements. After arranging the delivery to your new home and setting it up as needed, we will also handle the import paperwork clearance through our extensive interstate network of agents.

    5. Personel

    We require all Adelaide Piano Technicians operatives to carry identification cards at all times due to the high value of many of our consignments. In Adelaide Piano Technician training school, our employees’ packing techniques are refined every year, using our own pianos instead of those of customers.

    6. Security

    We only allow senior operations managers to handle movement pertaining to confidential issues. Adelaide Piano Technicians’ employees are expected to maintain the confidentiality of client information. Located at a modern, clean, and dry warehouse, this warehouse is purpose-built. The warehouses are located in low-crime areas, and security is provided through red light alarms and CCTV systems.

    7. Insurance

    There can be a wide variation in the value of a piano. There are still new instruments being produced by Yamaha valued at over £380,000, as well as an older Steinway sold recently for $1,400,000! Arrangements can be made with Adelaide Piano Technicians to provide insurance coverage for door-to-door moving.

    Proving Piano Removals, Tuning and Transport in and Around Adelaide

    Adelaide Piano Removals

    Adelaide Piano Removals