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Are you looking for a professional mobile piano service in Adelaide?  Look no further, we’re here to help!

Mobile Piano Service Adelaide

The best professionals to service your piano in Adelaide


Professional piano servicing is provided by Adelaide Piano Technicians. Each of our piano technicians is fully insured, has a DBS check, is highly qualified and has vast experience in piano repairs.

Years of experience and exemplary customer service guarantee the highest degree of satisfaction on any job you have ordered. It is absolutely essential that pianos remain in excellent condition through regular maintenance. At our customers’ homes or places of business, we can clean the instrument’s internal mechanism and conduct a detailed instrument health check.

You can reach our team by phoning (03) 4053 3205 or completing our online contact form if your piano in Adelaide requires some maintenance or repair.

mobile piano service adelaide

We restring, maintain, and repair piano keys

Refurbishments in their entirety are our specialty. Using only the highest quality parts, which are always readily available to us, Adelaide Piano Technicians offers restringing, maintenance, and repairs to soundboards, including replacing existing adjustable slabs where required and complete activity reconstructions.

Easily adjustable pianos at a reasonable price

The Adelaide Piano Technician’s team can deliver piano adjustments, maintenance and repairs to the highest industry standards, whatever the variation, the vendor, or a bespoke requirement. Providing you with a free quotation is something we have done on many pianos.

Apart from piano adjusting, regular piano repairs may also include sticking or malfunctioning tricks, amplification of sound, pedal problems, and more. Please contact us for a free consultation regarding your needs. Adelaide is home to a wide variety of these services, all of which are extremely competitive.


Providing the highest level of piano tuning

Our piano repair and tuning services will also let you change the tone and feel of your piano. In addition, you can have your musical equipment overhauled from a tinny, raw sound to a powerful, complete sound at a very reasonable price.

We also offer piano actions, re-strings, and baby-grand piano service. Please note that a sound check is performed after piano removal in Adelaide.


Mobile Piano services provided by a dedicated team in Adelaide

In addition to providing services for musicians, homes, theatres, and recording studios in Adelaide, Adelaide Piano Technicians offers piano service, tuning, and adjusting for all models of pianos.

Regardless of the circumstances, we insist on off-the-cuff adjustments. The tuning we generate is far more accurate, more reliable, and long-lasting than electronic tuning methods.

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Whenever you require someone with experience to handle something, look for someone with that experience. The work we do for you is of the highest standard. A badly tuned piano may require a number of tune-ups!

There is also more information on our FAQ page about keeping a piano in good working condition. Contact us by phone at 0340 533 205 or by using our online form to learn more about our piano services or to schedule your piano for service.

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