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Piano Movers Adelaide

Piano Movers Adelaide

Professional Piano Movers in Adelaide

Moving your piano yourself or having a man-with-a-van do the task is a risky proposition. In order to safely move a piano up and down steps without it falling, one should have specialist training and tools at your disposal, such as stair climbers. It may be tempting to work with inexperienced companies to save money, but it is likely that your instrument will be damaged during transportation. Pianos packed by Adelaide Piano Technicians are protected from moisture during transportation with special breathable materials. The number of steps to your piano, if any, and whether there are any narrow doors or tight turns to negotiate in your home are important details to provide Adelaide Piano Technicians when we book your piano removal.

Please call our piano movers at 0340-533-205 for more information or to schedule a move.

Since we have been in business for over thirty years, we have built up a database of property access details that tell us what size piano will fit in Adelaide’s properties. During the evaluation, our estimator will be present who has over 25 years’ experience setting up pianos. We protect your grand pianos throughout your piano removals in Adelaide, South Australia and Australia with our specially designed piano covers and specialist equipment.

Our piano covers and piano shoes used by our movers keep your grand pianos safe during piano removals in Adelaide, South Australia, and Australia with our tailor-made piano covers, piano shoes, and flight cases for legs and pedals.

Piano Transportation

The Adelaide Piano Technician’s fleet of moving vehicles are designed to help you move your piano safely and efficiently including soft air-ride suspension to maintain your piano’s tune and a double inner skin to protect your piano. Their engines are all Environmental Protection Agency-compliant, which are the least environmentally unfriendly today. Drivers sleep in the vehicle during long-distance trips, which is alarmed and has security seals on each door. Depending on the task at hand, different sizes of vans are available. No matter where you are located within Australia, from the Southern Territory to Western Australia, we can manage to transport your belongings safely.

Adelaide Piano removals

Piano types

If not handled correctly by the mover, moving a piano can be a complex process, putting the instrument at risk.

Because Adelaide piano Technicians’ has more than 37 years’ experience moving pianos, you can count on our crews to carefully handle the relocation of your instrument. Having experienced and thorough technicians keeps your piano safe and helps you relax.

The following services are offered by our piano movers in Adelaide:

Upright piano removals

This job usually requires two crew members. The piano will be loaded onto a piano truck for moving after any loose or fragile parts have been removed.

Baby grand piano removals

Using three crew members, the piano will be removed from its front leg and carefully placed on a piano slipper. The piano and slipper will then be loaded onto a specialist piano truck once they have removed the remaining legs.

Grand piano removals

Using our trained crews and specialised equipment for piano removal, this process is the same as removing a baby grand piano.

Electric organ

Organs can be moved very similarly to pianos, however there are a few differences to consider. In order to avoid delicate electronics from breaking during transit, an organ move requires a team of highly qualified moving experts.

Additional Reading

Getting your piano in tune after a move

As a piano must adjust to the humidity conditions of a new environment, it needs time to become familiar with it. As humidity changes, it is often recommended that wooden parts should settle for three weeks. Placing pianos away from windows, doors, and drafts are the best options. Don’t put water in a bowl to compensate for the dryness of the piano, and try to avoid direct heating points. Even if the piano has not been played during the period when it has been stored, it will need tuning. Changes in temperature and humidity do affect tuning.

Piano dimensions

Measurement of a grand piano is taken from the front of the keyboard to the back of the lid.

  • Concert Grand – 2.71 m and larger
  • Half Concert Grand – 2.24m
  • Parlour Grand – 2.03 m
  • Drawing Room Grand – 1.93m
  • Professional Grand – 1.83m
  • Living Room Grand – 1.78m
  • Baby Grand – 1.73m
  • Upright – 1.30m and up
  • Vertical – 0.91m – 1.30m
  • Studio – 1.12m or taller
  • Console to – 1.07m
  • Spinet – 0.91m to 0.97m

The largest piano in the world is a Challen Concert Grand. With a combined string tension of more than 30 tons and a length of 3.35m, this piano weighs over a ton! Because pianos are heavy, vulnerable, and, of course, valuable, moving them requires precision and should only be performed by professionals.

Piano keys made from ivory

The worldwide ban on ivory keys has made it so many new pianos (made since roughly the 1950s) do not have ivory keys. To transport an ivory key piano in Australia, we are required to obtain CITES certification.

A final word

Among the 12,000 parts of a piano, 10,000 are moving parts. When the keys are pressed, seven thousand parts send hammers hitting strings. The size and the complexity of a piece of art require this type of special care and attention. An inexperienced person needs to be careful about this job.

Our Piano Movers and Tuners in Adelaide will move your piano wherever you need it in the country.

Piano Movers and Tuners Adelaide

Piano Movers and Tuners Adelaide

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