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Are you searching for a Piano Restoration Company that can restore more than six thousand parts in your upright piano?

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How much does it cost to restore a piano?

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Piano Restoration Adelaide

Piano repairs adelaide

Professional Piano Restoration and Repairs in Adelaide

Whether you own an upright or grand piano, Adelaide Piano Technicians provides comprehensive piano restoration services. In addition to action and keyboard rebuilding, we can also fully refurbish piano exteriors.

For a complete piano restoration which incorporates all the above aspects, we offer a range of piano restoration services tailored to your needs.

Our team understands that classical antique pianos have great sentimental value, so we recommend having your family piano restored sometimes. Your family instrument will live longer if restoration work is carried out.

Contact us on (03) 4053 3205 if you’d like to learn more or book a piano restoration or repair in Adelaide.


If you are interested in having your piano restored, we can send a technician to your home to assess the damage. Our piano experts will analyse your piano for any aspects that need to be restored during the consultation. Whenever there is a problem with your piano’s panels or scratches, we have the ability to fix these problems and repair any damage to your piano’s case including wear and tear or other kinds of damage.


The action of a piano has hundreds of moving parts, and after decades of use the parts can naturally wear and tear. Your beloved instrument can be repaired, replaced, or even upgraded to extend its life. The parts we rebuild are either fixed or replaced with new ones if necessary.

Our company can also color your piano case if you would like it to have a new appearance, and we can rebuild any part if necessary (let’s say something broke, and you wanted it back, we would work on it or get it ordered and we would then install it for you).

Hammerheads may be repaired, as well as broken hammer shanks. Whenever hammers start moving off their positions we can re-do the center pins. The sound quality of your instrument will also be enhanced by replacement of dampers, which will greatly improve the instrument’s functionality.


If your pianos are having trouble holding their tune, we can provide full repinning. Our piano technician can replace the wrest pins, enabling your piano to maintain its pitch or even help it get back to concert pitch. For many years, we have tuned pianos in Adelaide and helped clients get the highest quality sound.


There are many ways a piano can be damaged that you might not expect, such as dust, moths, and even moisture. There are a number of reasons why pianos need to be restored, such as:

Pianos Damaged by Moths

The instrument will sometimes need additional cleaning to rid itself of moth infestations, and pianos are sometimes affected by infestations of moths. If your piano has been damaged by moths, this would have to be rectified, either by repairing or replacing the affected parts.

Pianos Damaged by Water

Since your piano is a sensitive instrument, any direct water damage would require immediate repair in order to prevent long-term damage that will permanently damage the instrument.


We can fix splits and cracks in old piano soundboards, which will enhance the tone quality of your piano. Soundboards that have splits and cracks can affect the sound quality of your piano.


Over several years or decades, a piano will naturally wear and fade, and we can restore that colour to its original condition. If there has been any bleaching caused by environmental factors, do not worry as we can also fix that.

If the piano has any bubbles or lifting, we can restore it by French polishing or applying a polyester finish. Our piano repair and restoration services include repairing or rebuilding the iron frame. Spraying it can restore its original appearance.

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