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Need Piano Storage in Adelaide?

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Piano Storage Adelaide

Piano Storage Adelaide

What Piano Storage Options are Available in Adelaide?

In our secure temperature controlled piano storage warehouse, we will take care of your piano whether you would like us to store it for short or long periods of time, until such time as you want Adelaide Piano Technicians to deliver it to you.

Please call our piano storage and removal service on (03) 4053 3205 for more information.

With our piano storage services, pianos can be stored for a short or long period of time in a secure, insured, and professional manner.

Pianos require climate controlled storage units due to humidity and high temperatures.
Our climate controlled storage facilities are located in Adelaide, where you can store your piano or organ on a weekly, monthly, or indefinitely basis.

Piano storage prices in Adelaide


Moreover, we provide local pick-up and delivery costs anywhere in Adelaide, SA or Australia.

What are the advantages of storing pianos with Adelaide Piano Technicians?

If you trust us to look after your piano, you can rest assured it will be kept in a safe environment. In addition to operating the largest piano storage warehouse in Adelaide, we operate a 24 hour CCTV system, fire alarm systems, and security gates to ensure the security of our facility.

In no case will pianos stored by us be stored in a self-storage facility or cold storage facility. As a removal company, we do not deal with household goods. Our business is exclusively piano moving and storage. Visit our storage facility if you are interested. Among piano storage companies in Adelaide, we offer the best service and the most competitive pricing.

Upon arrival at Adelaide Piano Technicians’ piano storage, each piano undergoes a photograph condition report and a full storage pack.

Grand Piano Storage

In addition to helping you secure and store the actions of grand pianos, we can store them on their legs if needed. All grand pianos are protected from dust and dust mites with a quality quilted cover. Storage for the grand pianos is done on custom trolleys, which keep them off the ground.

Upright Piano Storage

A large piano trolley is used to store upright pianos, which are covered in thick padded covers with a dust cover.

Private Viewing Room

The piano tuners for sale at our facility are available if you need technical assistance if you are considering selling your piano. We also have a viewing room for you to show guests your piano.

How To Store Your Piano?

The following options are available to you:

Let a friend borrow your piano:
This may be a good option in the short term; call us for a transport quotation.

You can store your belongings in a self-storage unit:
In this instance, the piano is normally stored in an unheated warehouse split into several rooms, and after you take into account the insurance and the logistics of shipping and packing, the price isn’t so competitive.

You can hire a mover to move your household items:
We strongly recommend that you use a member of the Australian Institute of Removers (AIR) as their degree of experience, equipment and price vary so much.

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