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Are you looking for a professional piano tuner in Adelaide?  Look no further, we’re here to help!

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    Piano Tuner Adelaide

    Piano Tuner Adelaide

    Professional Piano Tuner in Adelaide

    Adelaide Piano Technicians perform high-quality piano tuning services to customers throughout Adelaide and the Adelaide Hills. Founded almost four decades ago, we have become one of the most reputable and respected piano movers and tuners in Australia.

    Piano tuning services in Adelaide range from $150 to $300+.

    Piano tuning services are available for all models and brands of acoustic pianos. Tuning your upright, baby grand, or grand piano on the same day is a service we offer through our professionally trained technicians.

    • Upright piano tuning for $150 – $280.
    • Piano tunings for Baby Grands for $170 – $300
    • Tuning for grand pianos from $170 to $300.

    Contact our team at (03) 4053 3205 or by using our online contact form if you have a piano in and around Adelaide or the Adelaide Hills that needs tuning.

    Why Choose Us?

    As a professional company that provides services to students, hobbyists, schools, colleges, universities and some of Adelaide and the Adelaide Hill‘s best theatres, our company has extensive experience. With insured, verified staff members and a DBS check, our piano movers and tuners in Adelaide are able to serve the public sector with ease and provide you extra peace of mind.

    Certified piano tuners in Adelaide

    Tuning at the gold standard of A440 Hz is what you can expect from our professional piano tuners in Adelaide. Our technicians are also trained in piano repairs which is helpful because sometimes tuning issues are caused by hardware faults.

    How to Make Pitch Perfect Tuning

    A specialist’s skill is to provide each piano with the level of attention and care necessary to facilitate composing excellent deeply personal and pitch-perfect melodies and songs. While theory exists for analysing acoustics, frequency vibrations, and thermodynamics, the job is often more nuanced.

    Piano Tuner Adelaide

    Setting up an appointment for a piano tune-up and service

    The process of booking an appointment with a piano technician or tuner at Adelaide Piano Technicians is straightforward:

    1. Please call 0340 533 205.
    2. Our scheduling team will contact you to set up an appointment time and date.
    3. Your piano will be tuned by a technician on your chosen date/time.

    If you require regular piano tuning and service, we will send you an email reminder when it is time for your piano to be tuned. The current day-and-date (2021) price for single piano tunings in the Adelaide area for weekdays is $170.00 including VAT. To book an appointment, the payment needs to be made in full at the time of booking.

    Our piano movers and tuners offer appointments during business hours Monday through Friday and some Saturdays (extra fees may apply). Those outside Adelaide are subject to varying prices.

    For seasonal changes, many piano manufacturers recommend that every piano be tuned at least twice a year. However, depending on the instrument’s age and condition, as well as changes in temperature and humidity, piano tuning may have to be more frequent. In addition, the more frequently a piano is played, the more frequent its tuning may be.

    Piano Tuner Adelaide

    What causes a piano to go out of tune?

    A piano has thousands of moving parts, making it a complex instrument. During the life of a piano, changes in temperature, humidity, and how often the instrument is played and moved impact its performance.

    As temperature and humidity change, soundboards expand and contract. Strings are connected to the soundboard, so as the soundboard moves, the strings do as well. As a result, the string tension changes and the piano starts to go out of tune with time.

    Hygrometers (temperature and humidity dials) can be used to monitor these fluctuations, which can simply be placed on top of the piano. An extreme case of frequent fluctuations may necessitate the installation of a piano life-saving system. Thus, the piano’s humidity level is regulated, protecting its sensitive mechanisms from excessive damp or dry conditions, which significantly extends their life. 

    The piano should be tuned 3-4 times a year if it is being played frequently and if it is located in an area where it rains often. In other cases, however, an annual cleaning should be sufficient for a piano that is used only for recreational purposes.

    In addition to ensuring a high-quality sound, tuning ensures those with pianos as a hobby or business can identify any minor faults or damage immediately and remedy them efficiently without causing more harm to their instruments.

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