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Are you looking for specialist, safe and cost-effective piano removals in Adelaide? 

Here’s 6 reasons why should hire a specialist moving company such as Adelaide Piano Technicians to do the job! 

6 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Piano Specialist to Move Your Piano

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You should always make every attempt to assure that your piano is protected whenever you move it from the garage to the house or to another location. Despite the fact that few removalists have specific knowledge about moving pianos, they will offer to move your instrument even if they are unable to move it safely. Pianos are all we move (250 pianos every week!), so we are piano experts. Only piano specialists should move your piano for the following reasons:

Piano Movers Adelaide


You can count on the piano being moved by the date we say we will. A confirmation call will be made on the day before.

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A specialised piano moving company that takes pianos seriously understands their value. Piano transport is fully insured as part of our services.

Cheap Piano Removals Adelaide


Moving pianos is an art and specialist equipment will help ensure the movement is as safe as possible. We will offer our services for examining the site first. The equipment they will need will be brought by them.

Piano removalists Adelaide cost


It will be transported on a trolley independently of other furniture by a piano specialist. A thorough wrapping and secure packaging will be taken to ensure the highest level of protection.

Piano removalists Adelaide cost


Piano removal companies that specialise in the removal of pianos will have trained staff. Having completed specialist training in piano moving, they will be able to move your piano with utmost safety.

Cheap Piano Removals Adelaide

Fixed Quote

Providing a satisfactory fixed quote for a move is Adelaide Piano Technician's expertise. All costs are included in the quote; no heavy lifting charges are added. Our team can conduct an evaluation of your site at no cost to you. There may be a difference in price depending on the time of day, the amount of heavy lifting, and the distance traveled.

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